Friday, May 25, 2012

Struggling with your MLM or online company? 
Tired of trying to build that downline? 

Take a look at what the Women's Power Network is doing. They are focusing on the build. The product is great, bonuses are great and it is one of the best products on the market, but if you don't have that deep team - those long legs needed in a binary build - you are just like everyone else in Network Marketing - fishing for the next bite. 

This team is focused on a deep downline. Deep downlines equate to bonuses and commissions for all! 13 $200 bonuses given out in 1 week- and that is not including commissions! Commissions float up to the top- and we have just begun! Stop going WIDE and start thinking DEEP!

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Be Smart About OIL Drilling!!

All They Can Do Is Mock.... Not Come Up With Solutions!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rest In Peace - We Miss You Already

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Women's Power Network (WPN)
The Million Women March To Financial Freedom

Every now an than you meet people on the Internet that you just know you where in the right place at the right time.  

Everyone knows how hard it is to make money in an MLM with a binary build.  There are those that can grab 300 and those that can't even get 1.
It is frustrating as hell for those, and irritating when your upline wants to sell you their e-book on how to build a downline.  How much money have you spent  trying to learn how to build a downline.  Again, frustrating and Irritating.  

Meet Patti Vaillant, Kerry Andres, and Alyson MacLeod.  All 3 women are from Canada, and came up with a way to layer the downline.  Their  motto "We leave no one behind".  

They than went to work.  FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, IBOToolbox, APSense, etc...

One by One - women were coming in to see what they were all about.  They are filling out a form from 'MailChimp' and getting a time stamp.  If they decide to stay - they are placed in the downline in the order they came in, One right under each other.  Forming a huge downline of eager participants all willing and eager to help out.  

Don't advertise the product - advertise the FACEBOOK PAGE.  
HUNDREDS OF WOMEN (and some men) WORKING AS 1.  Forming one huge downline, all getting their spot.  FABULOUS!

If they get it - they will stay!  

Let's be real - if I know I am getting a downline - I am in.  They could be selling 'pet rocks' - wouldn't matter to me - because I have my time stamp and I have my 2.  That's all I need.  Now my 2 will get their 2, and their 2 will each get 2 - right on down the line. And that means the commissions will be flowing up.

These women have given a new face to MLM's.  If you can follow their directions - and you are willing to advertise their FaceBook page - there is no reason not to join in on the fun.

If you can get 300 all by yourself - this may not be for you.  You have to share your 300 with everyone in the group.  The group works as 1 entity.  Everybody shares - everybody wins.

How do I know that?  In just a week - there are  100's all signed up - and they are talking it up all over the internet.  More sign ups each and every day - which means a deeper downline.  That is music to any marketer's ears.  And they are all talking it up on the net.

In a day or two - maybe 3
WPN will be the new onlilne 'sizzle' - because it's all about a chance for success!

Click On SuperGirl - she will get you to the FaceBook Page - and don't leave without getting your time stamp.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Rachel Maddow - America's Sad Cycle Of Drilling and Spilling

Maddow: Investment in Energy Infrastructure Still Popular at Local Level Despite Anti-Spending Rhetoric at National Level


Invest in Your Future

I was recently contacted by Allen Miller, who directed to me to the following blog:  Take the time to read the information on this blog - it is very well written and extremely informative.
He directed me to the following post:

10 Reasons Non-Deregulated Electricity Companies Raise Prices

On May 2, 2012, in Electricity, by admin

As most consumers know by now, electricity rates fluctuate all the time, usually in an upward direction.
We’re given all manner of explanations for the price hikes, but what’s really behind the higher rates? It turns out there are a number of reasons. Here’s a list of ten reasons that non-deregulated electricity companies raise their prices:
  1. If the cost of the fuel source for the electricity goes up, the cost of the electricity itself will follow suit. For instance, electricity generated from coal will be priced according to the price and availability of coal supplies.
  2. Consumption also dictates the cost of electricity. If there is a demand high enough to max out the electric grids, some utilities are forced to buy additional energy from surrounding sources. Alternately, low demand due to a mild winter such as this past season can force electricity companies to charge more per kW to offset the reduced revenues.
  3. Operating costs can force any business to raise its rates, including the utilities. As their expenses rise, they pass the expense on to the consumer in the form of higher prices for the electricity they buy.
  4. Gas prices affect everyone, and when the fleets of electricity companies are running on fuel that costs $4.00 per gallon, then the higher fuel costs are going to be reflected in your electricity bill.
  5. EPA legislation requires utilities to augment or upgrade their equipment and facilities in order to comply with greener standards. So the affected companies once again pass along the additional expenditures to the consumer, unless they receive incentives from the government for implementing the necessary changes.
  6. Transitioning from non-renewable to renewable energy sources also requires significant modernization to existing infrastructure. This cost has to be absorbed by the consumer ultimately, though the expense of the upgrade might eventually pay for itself in the form of cheaper energy down the road.
  7. Inflation has the overall effect of increasing prices across the board. When inflation hits, the dollar weakens, and the cost of living goes up. That includes the cost of energy along with housing, food and other utilities.
  8. Low rates of return on investment has been cited as another reason for rate hikes. When a company experiences a lower ROI per dollar spent, the price for their services is typically raised to offset that loss in revenue.
  9. The market for surplus electricity fluctuates. Energy companies make a considerable percentage of their profits from selling power wholesale to other energy companies for use in their grids. When the demand goes down, it dries up that revenue stream for electricity companies.
  10. Non-deregulated companies essentially operate as monopolies in their regions. Without competition, they have little to no incentive apart from federal regulations to refrain from implementing price hikes.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

IEA / NRG - Taking a Dip

Spring Pricing Dip!

New Price Sheets

it’s more affordable than ever to gain your Independence!

They can Drill for the Oil.... But They Can't Clean  It Up When They Spill It Into Our Waters!

HOUSTON— Exxon Mobil said Monday it was cleaning up oil that spilled from a company pipeline in rural Louisiana.
An estimated 1,900 barrels of oil from the North Line crude pipeline were contained in the immediate vicinity of the spill, and there were no injuries reported, Exxon said. Also, air-quality monitoring detected "no danger to the public," although further checks are ongoing, the Irving, Texas, company said. The cleanup started Sunday, using vacuum trucks to collect the oil.
The cause of the spill was still being investigated, the company said. The pipeline was shut down after Exxon detected a loss of pressure on Saturday night.
The Louisiana spill comes nearly a year after an Exxon pipeline crossing the Yellowstone River in Montana broke, releasing crude into the waterway and resulting in a major cleanup effort.
"Exxon Mobil Pipeline Company regrets that this spill has occurred and we apologize for any disruption or inconvenience," said Karen Tyrone, an Exxon executive, in a press release. "Our crews will be on location until the cleanup has been completed. Fortunately the oil was contained in the immediate area which will enhance our recovery efforts."
The North Line originates in St. James, La., and transports oil to the northern part of the state.


NEW ORLEANS, May 1 (UPI) -- About 1,900 barrels of oil spilled from a 22-inch pipeline feeding parts of northern Louisiana, said Exxon Mobil.

Exxon said there were no injuries reported and air quality monitoring indicated no immediate threat to the public from an oil spill discovered last weekend.

The company said oil was discovered hear a "remote rural property" near Torbert, La. The company said the 22-inch North Line pipeline carries crude oil to northern Louisiana. It was closed following the spill discovery.

"Our crews will be on location until the cleanup has been completed," Karen Tyrone, southern operations manager for Exxon, said in a statement. "Fortunately the oil was contained in the immediate area which will enhance our recovery efforts."
Exxon said a loss of pressure was reported from the pipeline Saturday. Crews were on scene, the company said, with vacuum trucks to recover the oil.

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