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At our Grand Opening event January 7-8, 2012 in Atlantic City, NJ at the Trump Taj Mahal, you will learn how to create a plan for massive success in 2012, surround yourself with top industry leaders, while building belief yourself and the Independence Energy Alliance Opportunity.
Even more amazing attendee only specials will be announced at this event as well. So if you don’t want to be left out in the cold, be sure to take advantage of our Early Bird special pricing. If you purchase your Grand Event tickets between now and Thanksgiving, we are offering BUY 1 GET 1 FREE.  This offer WILL be gone after the holiday so do not miss out AGAIN!


When you switch to Independence Energy as your Alternative Power Source provider, your local utility will continue to provide transmission of your power.  You will NOT receive a separate bill from your new ESCO (Energy Source Company) for the energy itself, IE (Independence Energy) will absorb your utility billing and send one consolidated bill. 

Most ESCO's will seek a commitment of one year from you, though either party can typically terminate the agreement upon notice. If this should happen, you will not be without electricity. You can go to another ESCO or return to your local utility.
Independence Energy offers 5% Cash Back on your annual bill year after year.  Should you
cancel with Independence Energy within the 12 month period, you would become ineligible for the 5% Cash Back, but you would not be charged a cancellation fee!

Competition is expected to bring significant savings to all ratepayers.

Marketers and ESCOs are already contacting customers with proposals. 

Careful research will be important as you choose among them. 
Issues to consider include:
> deposit requirements (NO FEES EVER with Independence Energy), 
> the handling of payments -- including disputed amounts -- 
> the record and reputation of the supplier. 

We are quickly becoming the Industry Leaders:

Friday, November 25, 2011

NRG ENERGY / Independence Energy

Buying Your GREEN Electricity from Established Energy Leaders

NRG Energy is a Fortune 250 wholesale power generation company headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey. We own and operate one of the industry's most diverse generation portfolios (including nuclear, wind and solar power) that provides nearly 26,000 megawatts of electric generating capacity, or enough to support nearly 21 million homes.

NRG has taken a leading role on climate change and the power sector’s role in reducing greenhouse gases from the next wave of new power generation while meeting the country’s growing energy needs. NRG supports clean energy resources and technologies critical to our transition to a low carbon society.

In addition to our environmental efforts, we actively contribute to the local communities where NRG employees live and work. In the past five years, NRG Global Giving has provided millions of dollars to organizations and charities that have a direct impact on the lives of the people in our communities, including food banks and those that foster self-sufficiency, improve housing and provide supplemental education to people in need. NRG also has organized special responses for victims of extreme catastrophe, such as Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the southern California wildfires in 2007 and the Haitian earthquake in 2010. Employee donations were tripled to maximize the contributions.

NRG is a past recipient of two of the energy industry’s highest honors—the Platts Industry Leadership and Energy Company of the Year awards. The Company also has been recognized for many of its nationwide “econrg” initiatives, which are targeted toward meeting the challenges of climate change, clean air, and natural resources protection.

Independence Energy
As We begin the Official Holiday Season

You can start Saving for next Year!
By Reducing Your Electric Bill and Getting 5% Cash Back Year after Year!

You will be ready for Next Year with Cash in Hand!!

One way to save is use Energy Star Light bulbs

There are many ways for you to save money. Just imagine if everyone would do their part.
Energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) offer great opportunities for savings. For instance, if every household in the United States replaced its next light bulb or fixture with an ENERGY STAR qualified model the country would save more than 8 billion kilowatt hours of energy. (source:

CFL Light Bulbs
CFL Light Bulbs
CFL Light Fixtures
CFL Light Fixtures
CCFL Light Bulbs
CCFL Light Bulbs
CCFL Light Fixtures
CCFL Light Fixtures
Bi-Pin Linear Lamps
Bi-Pin Linear Lamps
I want to help you save on your electric bill month after month and receive 5% cash back year after year! Energy deregulation has made that possible for you the consumer. Start saving today!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Would like to Wish Everyone a Happy, Safe, Meaningful Thanksgiving!

As We begin the Official Holiday Season
And BLACK FRIDAY is upon US!

You can start Saving for next Year!
By Reducing Your Electric Bill and Getting 5% Cash Back Year after Year!

You will be ready for Next Year with Cash in Hand!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Publicize Your Company This Week at No Cost on

I am partnering with to help build its hyper-local women's news site to chronicle the role women are playing in the economic recovery. will showcase every viable local women in business market in North America, South America, Australia, Africa, Asia, and Europe to provide businesswomen with the business intelligence they need to identify prospective cross marketing partners who can help them navigate the local marketing infrastructure of women in business markets around the globe. By reading the news stories and learning about the cross marketing preferences of the women interviewed, they will be able to position their niche marketing message in front of the women in business market on a metro by metro basis — New York, UK, Paris, Brisbane, Argentina, Montreal, Tokyo, South Africa, etc. 

Businesswomen can become a PR powerhouse member of and earn complimentary press release submissions to publicize their company every month by interviewing one local small businesswoman (brick & mortar).  Their press releases and interviews will be read by the online women in business community as well as members of local women's organizations around the globe. is not waiting for women to learn about their innovative hyper-local news site.  They are forming news partnerships with leaders of women's business organizations to promote their members and events in exchange for them promoting in their monthly newsletter.  

This week only is allowing businesswomen to get involved with no out of pocket costs if they take on a leadership role either as a PR Ambassador or Community Publicist.  Both provide dynamic PR exposure while helping you to reach other businesswomen locally, statewide, nationally, and or internationally to not only purchase your products and services but position you in front of their female clients as well.  Instead of paying the one time $129.99 fee out of your own pocket, you will be able to actually cross market with 3 of your own business associates to sponsor your involvement.

Women who join and take on a leadership spot are asked to find 3 women to purchase a sponsored content listing.  They are 5 line listings that publicize the purchasers' cross marketing preferences, ideal client, big news, social media links and more for only $50.  The listings with their photo or logo will appear on every interview and press release submitted by the person they sponsor for one year.  You will be allowed to apply the listing sales towards your membership fee in exchange for selling 3 additional listings within 30 days of becoming a member.  This means you will have 6 listings on your content.  As a bonus, you will receive 12 sponsored content listings to publicize your own news blurbs on complimentary interviews written by other members, $600 value and you will be able to network each week during the holiday season to work on your marketing campaign..

Listing Example
Susan Cadwell, Owner Serenity Coaching and Guidance
Interested in cross marketing with Lawyers, Therapists, Financial PLanners, etc. As well as any one who works with women in a life transition.
“Finding purpose in life’s transitions”
www.personaltransitionscoach.comFollow on LInkedin
1316 N. Campbell, Royal Oak, MI  48067
If you are looking for a savvy way to not only publicize your company this holiday season but to partner throughout 2012 and beyond to keep your marketing pipeline full of new female clients, read how to use as a PR tool to grow your female client base by visiting  Then read how to get PR for your company while helping small businesswomen get press online by visiting  Both blog posts will provide you with insight into how can catapult your visibility.  If you want to take advantage of the membership offer, visit to fill out the membership request form.  You must have your payment submitted by this Saturday at the latest.  Start putting together a list of women you would like to have sponsor you if you plan on taking advantage of the no out of pocket offer. Publicize Your Company This Week at No Cost on

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Women’s News Bureau Launched to Help Businesswomen Attract More Female Clients

Does the idea of standing out in your local business community by writing about your city’s women in business market and attracting female clients from around the globe appeal to you?  If so, the Women’s News Bureau wants to join forces with you to build up its hyper-local women's news site.

The Women’s News Bureau is issuing a call to action to business women around the globe to mobilize to partner to shine the spotlight on their local women in business market to chronicle the role business women are playing in helping the economy recovery by becoming one of its PR Power Broker Members.  PR Power Brokers are community publicists/connectors that generate publicity for women owned brick & mortar companies located in their area while garnering publicity for their own companies.

The Women’s News Bureau's business vision is to become the number one go-to place online for women to break their BIG business news.  Businesswomen helping businesswomen get PR with an added networking twist designed to make the news posts go viral is guaranteed to make the news site the darling of the Internet.

The ultimate goal of the Women’s News Bureau is to provide companies with the business intelligence they need to identify prospective cross marketing partners who can help them navigate the local marketing infrastructure of women in business markets around the globe. By reading the news stories and learning about the cross marketing preferences of the women interviewed, they will be able to position their niche marketing message in front of the women in business market on a metro by metro basis — New York, UK, Paris, Brisbane, Argentina, Montreal, Tokyo, South Africa, etc.

As one of the Women's News Bureau's PR Power Brokers, you will have a byline and generate PR from the interviews of local businesswomen; be able to publish your company news monthly; have your news submissions promoted on 6 complementary news posts to drive additional traffic to them; earn referral points monthly that can be used to get a 30 day display ad and more for only $35 monthly (month to month membership).  

Take advantage of advertising, PR and marketing perks valued at over $2000 by becoming a PR Power Broker Member.  Visit WOMENPARTNERS to sign up and tell a friend.  It's going to take an army of women to fill all of the metro news spots.
What Get's Me Excited?

RESIDUAL INCOME!!  Topped off by offering clean, green, renewable electricity from the 5th largest producers of energy NRG - a 9 Billion dollar leader!

 What better way to offer your customers reduced electric fees and 5% Cash Back Year after Year with No Cost to your Customer EVER!  They get fantastic savings and you get residual income!  

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are You getting Your 5% Cash Back!!
No Vouchers, Credits or Coupons You Will Never Use
Good Old Cold Cash!!
And that is what you get from Independence Energy!!
Don't waste another minute or waste another dime 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Are You Eligible?

1.  If you Live in a Deregulated State.  Currently there are 15 states that are deregulated for electricity!
We are in NJ, NY & IL.  Coming to your state soon.


2.  Any residential home, business or commercial property is available to reduce their monthly electric e all know that bill, go 20% Green and 5% CASH BACK Year after Year!  And
we all know that CASH IS KING!! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Its a D'oh moment 
"D'oh!! I could be getting 5% Cash Back Year after Year!"
Did you know you could shop around for your electricity?
Find the best price that suits your needs?
Your utility company is not going to tell you!
I will answer all your questions!!

Looking for Associates to help us out!  

This is for the young, the old and the middle of the road!  

Join Us!!  We are working with everyone

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Independence Energy Alliance Creates the Power of Us 

Fundraising Program

This is the program you’ve been waiting for, and it is the perfect way for your 

organization to generate an ongoing income in one fundraising event!

This program will be FREE and help local schools and municipalities, religious organizations, non-profit organizations, organizations recognized by a 501c status and their supporters to switch to Independence Energy.

Everyone is rewarded for participating. Organizations earn $4.00 per household per month for every enrolled customer and receive a $250 bonus for every 25 customers that sign up.
Two Very Important Facts on Deregulation:

1.  You keep Your Utility Company (Same Local Service).  They will continue to service your lines and meter.  When the lights do go out, you local utility company will be there to get your electricity back..  They will still deliver your electricity, you are just buying it from a different electricity supplie.  Independence Energy does not believe in fees, so you will save on the delivery fee that your local company most likely charges at this time.

2.  With more and more electric suppliers to choose from, the demand for your business drives your cost of electricity down. You want to make sure you pick the right company for you.  Independence Energy would like to be your new supplier.  We are backed by a $9 Billion Dollar giant in the industry, and you can feel confident that NRG Energy will be there after all the other companies have failed.  Independence Energy Alliance is the Direct Marketing Company that NRG has chosen to bring their product to the public.

To become just a customer of Indepence Energy/NRG, and receive in most cases a reduction in your monthly electric bill and 5% Cash Back Year after Year all you need to do is:

Each Year that you are still a customer - Independence Energy will write a check to you!!  Thats cash in the bank.  That's just smart!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Deregulation Facts: 
States in Orange are Deregulated:  only 16 states so far are deregulated. In these states you can purchase your electricity for less than offered by the local utility company.  You don't lose your utility company - you just gain access to other companies that may sell electricity for less.  Independence Energy has been obtaining the license to sell electricity in each state.  As we move forward, and as more states become deregulated, the opportunity to grow with this industry is outstanding.  Warren Buffet believes that the deregulation of energy will create the largest transfer of wealth to date.

Facebook Innovators — Top Facebook Groups & Pages for Innovative & Creative People

Facebook Innovators — Top Facebook Groups & Pages for Innovative & Creative People

Friday, November 4, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Get In On the Deregulated Energy "SIZZLE"

1.  Costs my customers ZERO to SignUp 
2.  Reduces their Monthly Electric Bills
3.  Gives them 5% Cash Back Year after Year
4.  Gives them a Choice of 20% Green or 100% Clean Renewable Green Energy, which of course helps the environment and reduces our dependency on fossil fuels.
5.  NOTHING TO DO BUT FILL OUT THE FORM!!  No FEES EVER and they can cancel at any time!  
6.  Any Business, Any resident - that is any one that turns on the lights!  
7.  Free $1000 Surge Protection 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We Are Looking for Leading Business Women to Lead in  Fastest Growing Industry Today

5% Cash Back on Your Annual Electrical Costs!!
Surge Protection
#1 Fund Raising Program