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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bring in the New Year with
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Monday, December 26, 2011


Making a Difference and Receiving 5% Cash Back Year after Year

Grace Gibson (Chicago, IL)
Lue Nolton (Chicago, IL)
Samella Brannon (Chicago, IL)

Why pay more for your electricity
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Shakers and Stirrers 
New York  ·  Tuesday 10th January 2012 
Time:6.00pm to 8.00pm
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134 West 46th Street
(Between Broadway and Sixth Avenue)
New York, NY 10036
Includes:Complimentary Light Nibbles. Drink Specials (cash bar).
Cost:SPECIAL OFFER - SIGN UP ONLINE AND BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE! (Click "Show More" for details.) NFP Members: $10, Non-Members: $15.AT DOOR: $20 Cash only.
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Independence Energy Welcomes

Cynthia Singleton (Bronx, NY) 
Shauna Williams (Brooklyn, NY)
Angela Stangarone (Queens, NY)
Hicks, Sanders (Chicago, IL)

They have made the decission to 
Our Team at Independence Energy Alliance
wish you and your family
a Happy and Safe Holiday

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What is Green Electricity?
In the US much of our electricity is generated by burning coal and gas in power stations. This releases carbon dioxide, the main gas responsible for climate change, every year. Not to think what it is doing to our health and the future health of our children.
The rest of our electricity comes mainly from nuclear power, which has other worryingly severe environmental impacts. Just look at the after effects in Japan after their devastating earthquake. Are we so ignorant to believe that a earthquake of that magnitude could not hit the US?
‘Green electricity’ means electricity produced from sources which do not cause these impacts upon the environment. Of course, every type of electricity generation will have some impact, but some sources are much greener than others. The cleanest energy sources are those which utilise the natural energy flows of the Earth. These are usually known as renewable energy sources, because they will never run out.
Wind power
The winds that blow across countrysides world wide can be harnessed by turbines to provide electricity. Wind turbines sited in suitable locations already provide a small, but growing percentage of electricity, and are used successfully all around the world. 
In fact wind power is one of the world’s fastest growing energy sources! 
Wind turbine technology has greatly improved over the last ten years, making wind turbines quieter and more efficient so that electricity generated from the wind is now often competitive with traditional coal-fired and nuclear power stations. Wind turbines are also beginning to be built at sea — in the future much of our electricity could come from these offshore windfarms.
Benefits of Green Electricity
  • Lowers your home's carbon footprint;
  • Competition has made Green Electricity cheaper than conventional electricity;
  • Maintenance and monitoring free;
  • Far more environmental friendly;
  • Available to one and all (switch is invisible to consumer);
  • Consumer Keeps their Utility Company - they maintain the lines and meters
  • Receive one bill from your Utility Company
  • Receive 5% Cash Back Year after Year in the form a CHECK made out to the consumer

Our Team at Independence Energy Alliance
wish you and your family
a Happy and Safe Holiday

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Our Team has signed up hundreds of new customer all receiving 
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to save money on your energy cost

Save money and lower your energy cost and minimize heat loss in your home.
There are numerous ways you can save on your energy bill. You could start by lowering your thermostat in the winter and raising it in the heat of summer. Installing new windows is also a great way to help save on cost. Old windows tend to leak, you could also put on storm windows and doors. Make sure you have caulked around your doors, windows and around any other openings that may lead to energy loss.

If your building a new home try using a wrap such as tyvek, it helps keep your home sealed. Install sufficient insulation in your attic as well as your basement or crawlspace. In basements it also helps to put up a vapor barrier to help keep moisture out. Mold in a basement can be hazardous to your family. Make sure before you put up the moisture barrier that you have no cracks in your foundation or you will create a much larger problem.

You can also upgrade your ac unit, which will cost a bit more but will save you in the long run. Have your furnace and your air conditioning condenser checked out yearly to keep them running at there best. Hot water heaters basically have to run all day long and could waste energy as well. If you can afford the initial cost of a tankless system this to will save you in the long run.

Energy deregulation has also given you the consumer a new way for you to save on your fuel cost. Now there are options like green energy and who you get your energy from and that benefits all of us. It has created competition between the energy providers. 

To learn more about deregulation click on the link below. You still get your energy bill from the same company, they still service the lines and the only thing that changes is who provides your energy! With independence Energy there is no cost to the consumer to switch and you get 5% cash back after 12 months of service! Now that's a great way to save money on your energy cost.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Separating Fact From Fiction 

Most people are not aware how their electricity and natural gas actually arrives at their home or business. All they see and all they know, is that the company they are paying the bills to are the ones providing their energy. In fact there are several entities involved in the production and delivery of the actual usable energy products.
The first step in getting electricity and natural gas to your home or business is the actual production of the end product. These facilities are state owned, but must also conform to federal regulations.

The next step in the process is the delivery mechanism – how the converted electricity are sent from the production facility to your home or business via pipelines, cables, or wires. Much of the network of pipeline is and wires are owned by private corporations which must conform to state regulations.

The last entity is the energy service provider. Traditionally, most of these providers have been the same companies that owned the delivery systems, which is one factor as to why deregulation of energy was considered in the first place. Much like the telephone companies of a few decades ago, politicians and business people thought that much control constituted a monopoly because consumers had no choice in whom provided their energy service or how much they had to pay for that service.

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) are merely companies that provide customer service, advertising, marketing, billing, collections, and most importantly -- rates.
It doesn’t matter who the ESCO is. The electricity and natural gas that is delivered to your home or office arrives in the same exact method, via the same exact wire, cable or pipeline and is, in fact, the same exact product. Even the person who reads your meter stays the same.
The only difference is in the price you pay when you have the option to choose your ESCO because your state has allowed deregulation of energy.

How Independent ESCOs Provide Lower Rates
Incumbent ESCOs (mentioned above, or the ones you might be customers of right now) have a legacy of doing business in the traditional sense. In order to maintain good customer service, they open up offices in several localities and hire staff to work at each. Additionally, since these companies operated their own transfer stations and lines, they have employees on their payrolls for those jobs as well. These companies have been in business for many years, and as they are state regulated, many of their employees have retirement and pension plans. Not only are these companies paying their current employees, but past employees as well.
Then there are advertising costs, vehicles for the meter readers and repair crews, upkeep on all their facilities, etc.

Most of today’s independent ESCOs are doing business in a different way. They incorporate affiliate or home based business opportunities in where the operation can be run out of one single office with a minimal staff. The rest of the work is done by independent network marketers, or affiliates. These individuals only get paid for the sales they make or for build teams of marketers. This frees the ESCO of many costs which are then passed along to the customers in the form of lower rates, customer incentives, promotions, etc.
The work of advertising is done by the marketers, although many of the companies provide a myriad amount of ready to use tools and promotional materials. Customer gathering is done by the marketers, Customer service is handled by the ESCO. Otherwise the customers enjoy the same exact electricity and natural gas and call the same numbers they always have in case of emergencies or power outages.

One of the largest factors in lower rates is that the large energy companies usually buy their energy far in advance, expending huge amounts of money. Most of the independent ESCOs buy their energy in smaller quantities and usually at a discount.

We Are The World

You Just Have to Love John Lennon

Thursday, December 8, 2011

UNDERSTANDING ESCO's (Energy Service Companies) and How They Save You Money!!

Take Back Your Electricity Bill:  Choose an ESCO!

What if you could get a better price on Electric, but still have your utility company continue to deliver it?  You would buy electricity from a different store (so to speak)!  You shop around and see who is offering the best price for the service you need.  It is becoming a very competitive business, with lots of different offers to choose from! Your utility company still delivers your electricity, you have just purchased it from somewhere else. That is an ESCO (Energy Service Company).  

Energy deregulation has created a new and very competitive market.  Now you can choose your own electric supplier of electricity for your home and business.

You still get one bill from your utility company, but since you are buying your electricity from someone else, that will reflect on the bill.  You will get a better price on your electricity while your utility company still delivers it to your door.

While large utility companies do sell energy, they are primarily in the delivery and servicing business, maintaining your wires and pipes, delivering your product, reading your meter, and emergency services.  ESCO's purchase energy for less and let the big utilities deliver it to your door.

ESCO's work on the basic model of competition:  the government sets it energy prices at a certain standard and does not allow large utility companies to charge below that price.  This allows retail companies to remain competitive, negotiating cheaper energy plans for their customers.

The Public Service Commission guarantees all approved ESCO's, as they must obtain a license to operate within each deregulated state.

Independence Energy is owned by NRG ENERGY, the 5th largest GREEN ENERGY PRODUCER in the World!  A $9 Billion Fortune 250 Company, producing the GREEN CLEAN, RENEWABLE and now VERY AFFORDABLE ELECTRICITY at a very competitive price that can reduce your monthly electric bill and send you 5% CASH BACK YEAR AFTER YEAR!  Just like your Discover Card!!  And we can GUARANTEE uninterrupted service.

Independence Energy Alliance are the team of DIRECT MARKETERS bringing the service to you the consumer!  We are currently in NY, NJ. & IL, and soon to be delivering our service in PA, CT, MA, CA, TX, and on and on!!  This is a brand new industry and we are building our teams!!  Don't waste another minute - you are getting in at the TOP!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Conventional,fossil-fuel electricity production is the leading cause of industrial air pollution in the U.S. and leads to other social problems including water pollution and lung disease.

Coal- fired power plants and the pollution they release every day are a major threat to human health and our environment! Burning coal accounts for half of America's electricity production.

In the U.S. alone, buildings account for 72% of electricity consumption.  The U.S. uses 25% of the world's oil reserves.


Wind Power is the fastest growing source of energy in the world today.

Wind Power Capacity grew by 45% in 2007, but only represents about 2% of the nation's total electricity supply.

Achieving a 20% wind contribution to the U.S.  electricity supply by the year 2030 would reduce CO2 emissions by 25%!  That is just good for the environment!


New WIND POWER CAPACITY completed in 2008, according to initial estimates will avoid up to 44 million tons of carbon emissions - the equivalent of taking 7 MILLION CARS OFF THE ROAD!!

According to the World Wind Energy Association, worldwide, wind energy is expected to grow 25% by 2009!

The FUTURE IS HERE and over the next 5 years Independence Energy and NRG Energy want to power 18 million new homes with 

5th Largest Energy Company in the world
FORTUNE 250 Company!!

Join the Independence Team and EmPower Yourself and your family to a cleaner, greener FUTURE!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Do You Want to Reduce Your Electric Bill  

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Dance Is ON

5% Cash Back Year after Year
Competitive, Green, Renewable Electricity
No Fees, Keep Your Utility Company
Invisible Switch
It's available in NY, NJ, & IL and soon to be PA & CT

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Energy Plus/Independence Energy Ranked as a Rising Star in the Greater Philadelphia Region on Deloitte’s 2011 Greater Philadelphia Fast 50

Attributes 726 Percent Revenue Growth to Unique Customer Rewards Program and Expansion into New Markets
PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Deloitte LLP has named Energy Plus/Independence Energy as a Rising Star on the company’s 2011 Greater Philadelphia Fast 50 ranking of the 50 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies in the Greater Philadelphia region. Energy Plus grew 726 percent during this period.
Deloitte recognizes companies who have been in business less than five years but more than three as ‘Rising Stars’ based on the percentage of revenue growth over three years (2008–2010). Energy Plus/Independence Energy is one of the few companies on the list to be named a Rising Star on Deloitte’s 2011 Great Philadelphia Fast 50.
“Energy Plus/Independence Energy, like all 2011 Greater Philadelphia Fast 50 and Rising Star companies, has excelled in fostering innovation and channeling it into spectacular growth — against the backdrop of one of the most challenging economies in history,” said Tara L. Weiner, managing partner, Greater Philadelphia region, Deloitte LLP.  “Deloitte recognizes Energy Plus for its remarkable accomplishment.”
Energy Plus/Independence Energy’s chief executive officer, Kevin Kleinschmidt, credits the company’s ongoing customer rewards program and successful expansion into new service areas and markets for the company’s revenue growth. He said, “We’re honored to be recognized as a Deloitte Fast 50 Rising Star in Philadelphia. This accomplishment is a testament to our dedicated employees’ hard work and the superior services we offer our residential and small business customers.”
Overall, 2011 Greater Philadelphia Fast 50 companies achieved revenue growth ranging from 21 percent to 6,918 percent from 2006 to 2010, with an average growth of 410 percent.

Friday, December 2, 2011


Pennsylvania and Connecticut Go Live Dates Are Just Around the Corner

We are pleased to announce that the plan to announce our two newest states is underway.  Our expansion throughout the northeast is going strong.  In addition to New Jersey, Chicago, and New York we’re excited to announce that you will soon be able to enroll new Energy Customers in Pennsylvania and Connecticut!
These two new states are the perfect geographic complement to our current neighboring states.  Start creating your action plan and help us take Pennsylvania and Connecticut by storm on our official launch date February 15, 2012.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Get the Facts on Energy Deregulation?

In this post I will explain how deregulation can effect you and why you should choose
Independence Energy.

Deregulation is the process by which governments remove, reduce, or simplify restrictions
with the intent of encouraging efficiency and competition in markets. Deregulation in the
 United States traces its roots to the oil crisis of the 1970s but it took until the late
1990s to put the idea of electricity deregulation into practice.

Before deregulation, utilities controlled all three components of the energy industry:
generation, transmission and the sale of energy. Deregulation divides those processes,
with different companies having the ability to handle each aspect.


Independence Energy looks at your electricity usage and purchases Renewable
Energy Certificates (RECs) worth an equal amount of electricity. One REC is
worth one megawatt hour (mWh) of electricity. The money used to purchase
 the REC goes to renewable energy production facilities, such as wind farms,
which in turn supply clean electricity to your local power grid. By purchasing RECs,
 a customer directly reduces the country's dependence on electricity
generated from fossil fuels.


If a customer completes Third Party Verification with more than 20 days left in their billing cycle,
they will be able to start their service with Independence Energy on the next billing cycle.
If fewer than 20 days remain, the utility will not be able to process the switch in time, and the
 customer will have to finish their current billing cycle and complete one more before they
 switch to service with Independence Energy. This is due to the amount of time it takes for the
local utility to change service from one company to another. Once again, this change is
seamless and will not complicate the ability of a consumer to use their electric service.
Once the change is complete, the customer will notice Independence Energy on the supply
portion of their electric bill, which will still come from the local utility company. This twenty
day switch period also would apply if a customer wished to switch back to their utility from Independence Energy.If a customer wished to end their service with Independence Energy,
 they can do so at any time without fees or penalties. All they would need to do is
contact our Customer Service Team at 1-877-235-6708 and notify them of their
desire to switch.


If a customer wished to end their service with Independence Energy, they can do so at any time without fees or penalties. All they would need to do is contact our Customer Service Team at 1-877-235-6708 and notify them of their desire to switch.


Customers will continue to receive their electric bills from their local utility companies after their switch to Independence Energy; the only difference is that Independence Energy will appear on the supply portion of the bill. Customers will continue to make one payment each billing cycle to their local utility and are free to pay just as they had before, in any manner their utility company accepts.
Ready to start saving on your energy bill? Sign up today